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Spiders are terrifying to most people; along with being creepy they also pose a very real threat, specifically to children and the elderly. They have the tendency to show up where least expected and at the most inconvenient times. Preventative measures such as spraying are the best way to knock spiders out of your home; it may take several routine sprayings to completely eliminate the unwanted pest if they are already established.

Types of Spiders

Our spider extermination practices are by far the quickest way for you to rid your home of the unwanted arachnids, and if you have a fear of spiders like most people do then you’ll most likely be ready to get rid of them as fast as possible. With over three decades under our belt, Kings Pest is reputed as one of the best spider exterminators in the Georgetown Texas area.

  • Black Widow – These are one of the two spiders to be considered dangerous in the state of Texas and are identified by a large black body and red hour glass on their abdomen.
  • Brown Recluse – Also known as the fiddle back and violin spiders they are easy distinguished by the markings on their back resembling an upside down violin.
  • Wolf Spider – More scary and hairy then they are dangerous, they are distinguished by their large size and fur.
  • Jumping Spider – These spiders are little more than a nuisance but can be frustrating when jumping everywhere.
  • House Spider – Common spiders hold venom but the bite oftentimes goes unnoticed, they are not considered to be dangerous.

Our Spider Control Includes

Spider Infestation Elimination – We will clear the premises of any spider infestation in the fastest time period possible. Our well experienced exterminators can easily handle jobs of all types and levels of severity. We will hit spiders hard where it hurts by spraying their natural habitat and eliminating their food supply.  We always take your pets and families safety into consideration as a priority.

Spider Prevention – To effectively keep your home free and clear from all spiders we will take the necessary preventative measures against them and their food source. Any measures to prevent spiders from infesting your home will be taken by experienced professionals.  

Why Kings Spider Service?

Spider problems can be hard to live with and creepy leaving a family afraid of their own home. It’s therefore important to contact us immediately when you see any spiders or other insects that may attract the unwanted spiders.

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