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Rats can be downright disgusting and very dangerous. Not only are they dirty, but they are also aggressive and have the potential to carry with them disease and other pest like fleas and ticks. The best way to take care of a rat problem is to stop them before they gain a solid nest in your home. Preventative measures on a routine basis are always the best option, and aggressive extermination may be needed to eliminate a rat population which has already established themselves in your home.

Types of Rats

Our extermination practices are the best option to take on a rat infestation of any size of type. We will first establish how in depth the current rodent population is in your home and then take the best steps to rid your dwelling of the unwanted pests. With more than three decades of experience in handling rat problems of all types and sizes in Central Texas we have gained the reputation as one of the most trusted rat exterminators in the area.

  • Hispid Cotton – Moderately large with the s-shaped lower molars, tail shorter than head and body and sparsely haired.
  • Southern Plains – Large, gray color, big ears and short stature, sparsely haired.
  • Norway – Almost like a roof rat but heavier set and shorter tail, very common.
  • Roof – Common in all the towns, dark black color or brown, medium build and very long scaly tail.

Our Rat Services Includes

Rat Infestation Elimination – We will eradicate any rat infestation in a fast and effective manner to give you back your home. Our experienced and well equipped team of professionals is easily able to handle all jobs and levels of rat infestations. We will target the pest with accurate measures of control and hit them where it hurts most in the unseen cracks and crevices where the rats are most likely building their homes. We will always keep the safety of your pets and family as a priority.

Rat Prevention – In order to stop the rats from entering your home in the first place or from further infestation we will use all of the best preventative measures available to stop rats from getting a foothold in the first place. Any measures that are taken to prevent rats from becoming a problem will be done by experienced professionals.

Why Kings Rat Service?

Rat problems can become hard to live with and frustrating to deal with in a very fast period of time. It’s therefore important to contact us immediately as soon as you make contact with any rats so we can take the needed steps to halt their efforts to infest your home.

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