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Mice can be very troublesome oftentimes and hard to handle if the infestation has grown to out of control proportions. The best method of course is to take the needed preventative measures to ensure that your home is not attractive or available to mice in the first place. Mice can be more than just a nuisance, they can also carry with them disease and other make for unsanitary living conditions. Kings Pest is one of the leading exterminators in the Georgetown Texas area for dealing with all varieties of mice.

Different Types of Mice

Our extermination services are the best solution for any infestation and to fight against mice of all types.  We will first establish how in depth the rodent population is in your home and determine the where they are most likely gaining access. Next we will take the needed steps to eliminate the pest from your home and return it to a normal level of comfort. We have more than 30 years of experience in helping the customers in the Central Texas Area with all mouse and pest problems and as such are respected and trusted when it comes to extermination and prevention. Below is a list of the different types of mice:

  • Plains Harvest – One of the smaller mice on the list, brown and pale yellowish gray in color.
  • Texas – Medium sized mouse and a tail about as long as the head and body darker above then below.
  • White Footed – Medium short tailed white footed mouse, sparsely haired, darker above than below.
  • Deer – Small white footed mouse with white underside and dark upper area.
  • White Ankled – A small long tailed white footed type mouse with a long tail.
  • Northern Pygmy – By far the smallest mouse on the list, shorter head and sparsely haired.
  • House – Common to all areas, short hair and furless ears. Yellowish side and tail has a darker tip.
  • Hispid Pocket – Medium to large mouse with huge hind feet and a tail shorter than half its total body length.

Our Mice Control Includes

Mouse Infestation Elimination – We will use extreme prejudice when eradicating any unwanted mice in your home. Our well-experienced and equipped team of professionals is able to handle all jobs and levels of mouse infestations. We will use the safest methods of extermination and hit them in all the common and uncommon nesting areas. We will always put the safety of your pets and family as a priority.

Mouse Prevention – To stop the intruders from entering your home indefinitely we will give routing inspections and use the preventive measures to stop mice dead in their tracks. Any preventative measures will always be performed by highly skilled professionals.

Why Kings Pest Mice Control?

Mice problems can become overwhelming in a very fast period of time.  And it’s therefore important to contact us immediately upon your first encounter with a mouse of any type before they gain a strong presence and become out of control.

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