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Rodent infestation solution, initial prevention, and overall control are important factors to the health and sanitary conditions of you home. Controlling rodents from infesting and overtaking your home or business helps with not only safety but also help preventing costly repairs and renovations needed because of infestation. Kings Pest Control is a family owned and operated establishment, we hold one of the most trusted and respected and loved names in the Georgetown Texas Area, and we service both Williamson & Travis Counties.

Types of Rodents

Our services provide the best possible protection against all types of rodents and much more. Below is a list of rodent types we will gladly handle at Kings Pest Control.

  • Rat’s ­– By far one of the most destructive of all animals, rats are also known to spread disease.
  • MiceNowhere near as destructive as a rat but are just as bothersome, particularly when in large numbers.
  • Squirrels – Squirrels are also incredibly destructive and have been known to chew through cables and other electrical wiring.
  • Chipmunks – These little pests are similar to squirrels although not nearly as destructive in most instances.
  • Gophers – These little rodents can devastate gardens and destroy lawns, they are also very hard to kill.
  • Prairie Dogs – A burrow of prairie dogs can wreak havoc on a homeowner’s lawn and yard.
  • Beavers – A single beaver can cause massive destruction, a family can destroy properties.
  • Porcupines – These pesky little creatures may cause injury to pets that requires vet attention.

We will first start our job by first assessing the situation and then to take the necessary steps to eliminate infestation. If no infestation is found we will take the needed prevention measures and do so in way which is safe for pets and humans alike. With more than thirty years’ experience in the pest control industry, we have one of the most respected and established reputations in handling rodents infestations and in the prevention of them in the Central Texas Area.

Our Rodent Control Includes

Rodent Infestation Control – We give both full treatments and partial as well to help homes and businesses alike return to their desired rodent free state. We achieve this by performing a skilled and professional examination of the building including all areas which rodents are typically found. We do this to help us make the best plan to carry out in order to get the best results from the treatment. Our treatments are always focused on safety and the wellbeing of people and non-rodent animals in your home or building and will give you sound peace of mind which you desire.

Preventive Treatments – To properly prevent rodents from causing an infestation in your home or business we will use the most up to date prevention methods. These preventive measures will always be performed by skilled professionals and carried out in ways which are most beneficial to your needs. We will focus on problematic areas which rodents are oftentimes found in.

Why Kings Rodent Service?

Rodent Infestation is a serious problem and in order to get it under control it must be dealt with immediately before further damage sets in. If you have seen rodents or suspect that they are present please give us a call as soon as possible.

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