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Cockroach infestation can pose a threat to sanitary conditions and become unsightly as well. Controlling these roaches can be incredibly difficult and require some special knowledge and skills to eliminate. Often times the infestation is far worse than a person realizes and the safety of a home or business is at risk. Kings Pest is one of the most trusted names in the Central Texas Area when it comes to cockroach removal services here in the Williamson & Travis Counties areas.

Types of Roaches

  • American – One of the largest roach types found in the State of Texas, known for their brown color.
  • German – A midsize roach that is darker in color and found throughout the United States.
  • Orient – The smallest roach happens to also be the fastest and are found in giant hives, they are either light or dark brown.

We offer the best possible protection against all types of cockroach infestations. The first step is to assess the situation to calculate the severity of the infestation. If there isn’t one than the preventative measures need to be made, if on the other hand there is one than the second step is to begin treatment to eliminate the roaches. Since we have more than 30 years of experience in combating roaches, we hold a very reliable reputation in handling any cases which include this particular pest.

Our Roach Services Includes

Roach Infestation Control – We will give a full treatment to eliminate the roaches in their entirety. Since cockroaches are reclusive by nature so oftentimes they are rarely seen accept at night or in the dark corners and crevasses where they like to hide. Our treatments are always focused eliminating the pest without causing any harm or health risk to any people or pets in the home or business. Our services will give you back the desired levels of health and peace of mind.

Preventative Treatments – In order to keep cockroaches at bay there are several preventative measures which we can use to stop roaches dead in their tracks. All preventative measure will always be performed by the most skilled and worthy professionals available to guarantee that you are getting the best treatment there is.

Why Kings Roach Service?

Cock Roach infestation is very dirty and problematic situation, without professional help it is next to impossible to eliminate roaches completely. If you have seen any signs of cockroaches please contact us immediately to get your pest under control.

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