Kings Flying Insect Services

Flying pest are often of the worst type, they are hard to deal with and hard to kill and oftentimes are poisonous to some degree.  In the incident where an individual has an allergy to bug bites they can create a life threatening situation. Preventative measures include spraying and making the area inhospitable to build nest in.

Types of Flying Insects

Our flying insect control team is prepared to use the most effective methods to rid your home of these nasty and unwanted guests. If there are those in your family who are allergic it’s imperative that they are eliminated immediately to avoid any dangerous scenarios from developing. Kings Pest has been helping the citizens of the Georgetown Texas area eliminate all types of flying pest from their homes for more than 30 years.

Flying Insect Types

BeesTypically not aggressive, the danger lies in an individual being stung who is allergic or when the bees are Africanized.

WaspMuch more aggressive than a bee and able to sting multiple times.

Hornets – Like a wasp but tend to be extremely aggressive.

Flies – Troublesome and unwanted do to their unsanitary tendencies.

MosquitoesVery irritating and can spread disease although it’s rare in the United States.

Moths – They pose no threat but can be destructive to a home and clothing.

Our Flying Insect Services Include

Flying Insect Elimination – We will help you get rid of any unwanted guest in and around your home. We will remove any nest or hives and give you back a sound piece of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are safe. We will always keep your family and any pet’s safety as a priority.

Flying Insect Prevention – We will make sure that your home and its surrounding areas are treated to keep any flying pest from setting up a nest or hive. Any measures taken to prevent them from staking claim to your home will be done by professionals.

Kings Flying Insect Services

Flying insects can be hard to live with and dangerous leaving your family at risk in their own home.  It’s therefore important to contact us at the earliest possible time if you suspect that any flying insects are building nest in or around your home.

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