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Millipedes are oftentimes mistaken for centipedes in the state of Texas. They are similar but greatly differ. Like any insect like creature they can infest a home and when it happens the home owner may feel overwhelmed.

Stopping an infestation of millipedes is something that is best done early on. Waiting until an infestation has blown out of proportion is a gigantic mistake that can result in lengthy and costly procedures to exterminate the unwanted house guest.

Kings Pest Control is well experience in handling millipede infestations as well as other insects and related species of animals. If you have noticed millipede around or in your home, we can help eliminate them and return your home to a normal, pest free, zone.

What is a Millipede?

A millipede is a relative of the centipede although they vary greatly from their more troublesome cousins. Fortunately, when you have a millipede infestation you don’t have to fear bites or concerns beyond the hygiene factor of having an infestation.

Millipedes differ from centipedes on a few different traits. They have two sets of legs and centipedes only have one. They are more rounded and typically of a different color than centipedes. They almost look like a very long sow bug.

Millipedes are typically dark in color, almost black and have a more rounded shell and exoskeleton. They are also free from the front mandibles that centipedes have.

Although they are not venomous like millipedes, they are known to releases a type of irritating liquid when disturbed. And while it’s not poisonous, it’s a very unpleasant experience. Handling millipedes is not advised, they typically grow to lengths of about 1.5 inches, and there is one species in Texas that has been seen to grow as big as 4 inches.

Exterminating millipedes can be a challenge if the infestation is severe. But if you contact Kings Pest Control ahead of time, prevention can be taken that will stop millipedes before a serious problem manifests.

Why King’s Pest Control?

Our team specializes in clearing homes of unwanted guests. For us, handling millipedes is no different than handling any other infestation. We will evaluate the situation and develop a plan specifically tailored to your situation and begin the removal of the pest immediately.

Like all situations involving pests, millipede infestations oftentimes don’t surface until it’s too late. Please call us or schedule an appointment for a consultation and estimate on keeping your home free and clear from all pests.

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