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Although Earwigs are completely harmless, they are nevertheless unwanted in any Texas home. To eliminate an infestation of these nasty little critters, a plan must be executed.

The earlier on the infestation is found, the better the results will be. Nine times out of ten an earwig infestation can be prevented entirely when adequate measures are taken.

When an infestation is left to its own development, earwigs can reproduce in unbelievable numbers. Routine treatment of a home can prevent that from happening altogether. Kingspest Control is well equipped to handle any earwig infestation issues and is return your home to a livable state.

What are Earwigs?

They are easily distinguishable by their pinchers located on the posterior of the insect. The forceps looking appendages pose zero threat to humans and are used during mating. Earwigs have dark flattened bodies, and a pair of antennae protruding from their head.

There are about ten different species of earwig in Texas: The ringed leg earwig, with yellow legs and dark bands on the segments is most common.

Other species include: Riparian, linear, and brown winged earwigs. They are sometimes confused with rove beetles. The beetles have no pinchers however making them easy distinguishable.

Earwig larvae hatches in about two weeks and live for 45 to 176 days depending on the climate and temperature. Males are generally larger and have more curvature in their forceps. Typically two generations of earwigs are produced every year.

They are mainly night time hunters and hide in the nooks and crannies of the home during the day. More often than not the only time they’ll be seen indoors is during poor weather conditions or when it’s incredibly hot. When an infestation occurs it can be difficult to get rid of them. One of the main issues with earwigs is when an infestation occurs; a disgusting odor oftentimes becomes prevalent and can be almost noxious. Before that happens, it’s important to hire a specialist to eradicate the infestation and return the home to a safe and comfortable way of living.

Why King’s Pest Control?

At Kingspest Control we are prepared to handle all pest control issues. Earwigs are only one type of common pest in the state of Texas. When you see an earwig or two in the home, the infestation may be much deeper than you realize. Before it gets out of hand, call Kingspest and let us handle the situation.

Through years of tried methods, we have developed strategies that eliminate earwigs at the source and can help return your home to normal and acceptable living area. Please call or schedule an appointment online for a consultation and estimate on our extermination services.

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