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For the most part centipedes are considered harmless. The exception is when a person is allergic to the bite of a centipede. When a person is allergic or a child, serious medical complications may occur. If you suspect your home is prone to centipede infestation, it’s important to get the infestation handled quickly.

The state of Texas is home to several types of unwanted insects and other related pests. The best way to keep them under control is to hire an exterminator to help help.

You’ll oftentimes notice centipedes lurking around wood piles, under rocks or in leaf piles. During an infestation they will most likely be hiding during the day. At night however when they are hunting, you will see them scurrying across the ground or climbing up walls. They are usually found in sub flooring, basements, behind baseboards, or other dark areas of the home.

What Are Centipedes?

The centipede is easy to distinguish from other insects. They are flat long and typically grow about 6 inches in length in the state of Texas.  Kingspest Control is experts at identifying and exterminating these troublesome pests.

The centipede has two legs in the front that are modified into fangs and this is where the bite happens. They also have antennae protruding from their head that constantly move and that help to make the centipede distinguishable from many other insects.

For most of you, you have dealt with and seen centipedes your entire life. Outdoors and by themselves they are nothing more than a nuisance. But when found in your home in large numbers they are disgusting and may even be a threat to certain family members.

Getting rid of centipedes early on is the best way to handle the situation; infestations grow quickly and can become overwhelming. Kingspest can help reclaim your home from Centipedes or any other unwanted pests.

Why Choose King’s Pest?

Our team has been eliminating centipedes from Texan homes for years. We know exactly how to identify and determine where the unwanted critters are hiding and what the best steps are to attack them at the source.

Through prevention and treatment Kingspest will keep your home clear of any unwanted guest. Our team of highly trained and skilled technicians can handle any job and return any home back to a pest free environment regardless of the current severity level of infestation. Please contact us with any questions or concerns so we can schedule an appointment for you to receive a free consultation.

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