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Fire ant problems can be hard to deal with, initial prevention is the most important aspect, if initial prevention hasn’t happened than there may be a need for extermination. Fire ants are not only a nuisance and unsanitary but also pose a very real and dangerous threat. Fire ants are not only aggressive, but they are also venomous. And in the unfortunate circumstance where there is an individual who is allergic to their bite then potentially deadly situation could occur. At Kings Pest Control we are one of the most trusted in the industry when it comes to fire ant prevention and treatment in the Central Texas Area, which includes Williamson & Travis Countries.

We offer a full range of services, and provide the best possible protection against fire ant infestation and prevention. We can easily assess the situation you are currently in and take the needed actions to eliminate the infestation and return your home or business back to respectable and desired level or safety. With over 30 years of experience in the pest control industry and specifically in the area of fire ants we are one of the most respected and appreciated pest control services in the Central Texas area.

Our Fire Ant Service Includes

Fire Ant Infestation Elimination – We will effectively eliminate fire ants from your home or business using the latest and safest methods available. Our skilled professionals are the best in the business at handling jobs of all types, severities, and situations. We will get in the hard to reach problem areas were fire ants tend to hided and build nest. Our main priorities are your safety and that of your family, pets, or customers depending on your situation. We will return your home or business back to normal and allow you to rest knowing that your problem has been eliminated.

Fire Ant Prevention – To fully eliminate any infestations we will need to take further preventative measures, and if there is no infestation this is the first step to effectively stopping one from occurring. Any preventative measures will always be performed by the most skilled professionals available.

Kings Pest Fire Ant Control Advantage

Fire ant problems are a dangerous infestation which poses a serious threat to the safety of any children, adults, or animals in the area. Be sure to contact us immediately if you notice and signs of fire ants before the infestation get out of control. Thanks!

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