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Ants are one of the most difficult pests to deal with; the best way to deal with an ant infestation is to take the necessary steps from the beginning that will secure your home from them in the first place. Ants can be both a nuisance and a danger depending on the species of ant; some ants may hold venom which is harmful to children or those with allergies. Kings Pest Control is one of the leading specialists in the Georgetown area for dealing with ant prevention and treatment.

Types of Ants

Our services are the best possible solution for protection against ants of all types. We will easily establish contact with the intruder and assess the level and depth of the infestation. We will then take the necessary steps to return your business of home back to it optimal level of comfort and functionality. With more than 30 years of helping our customers in the Central Texas Area we are considered to be one of the most respected companies on the subject.

Fire AntsBy far the meanest ant of the list and are considered to be very dangerous.

Argentine Ants Dark brown ants and found in homes throughout Texas.

Odorous Ants As the names says, these ants are known for their foul smell.

House Ants Completely harmless but unwanted none the less.

Acrobat Ants – Smaller sized colonies, they have a red head and black posterior.

Crazy Ants – Originating from S. America, their name follows their irrational movement patterns.

Pharaoh Ants Common pests that are oftentimes found in institutions and hospitals.

Carpenter Ants A large ant species and are known to chew through wood.

Sugar Ants – Large and named because of its love of sugar.

Our Ant Services Includes

Ant Infestation Elimination – We will eradicate any unwanted ants from your home with the safest and latest methods of elimination. Our well experienced professionals are top of the line handling jobs at all levels of infestation and prevention. We will hit ants hard where it hurts them most, in their nest and other places that are invisible to the naked eye. We will always take into full consideration the protection and safety of pets, children and any customers.

Ant Prevention – To keep the intruders at bay indefinitely we will take the necessary steps of prevention on a routine basis. This is the always the most important part of the process when stopping the invaders from taking another foot hold in your home. Any measures of prevention will always be performed by highly skilled experts.

Why Kings Ants Service?

Ant problems can easily escalate to out of control proportions that are overwhelming. It’s important therefore to contact us immediately at the first time contact is made before they get out of control!

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